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There are many reasons and advantages to planting trees. It is a very effective way to enhance your property, provide shade and wind protection, increase privacy and add to the value of your home. Several aspects need to be considered to ensure proper growth conditions are maintained, and the type of tree is appropriate for your property and your needs.

These considerations include:

Climate and soil

Size of the site

Proximity to buildings, pavements, driveways, roads, utility lines, (overhead and buried) and septic systems.

Climate control

Deciduous trees planted on the south, west and east perimeters of a lot will provide shade during the summer while allowing scarce sunlight through in the winter when leaves have fallen. Evergreens, on the other hand, planted on the north and west sides of a property, can reduce winter heating costs by serving as windbreaks.


Heavy clays in poorly-drained sites present problems as many species of will not tolerate 'wet feet'. You can do a test for soil drainage by digging a hole in the planting area and filling it with water. If the water hasn't drained away in a couple of hours, drainage may be an issue.

Soil quality

Personal taste


When to plant


Type of tree



Our professional hedge planting service includes:

Trench digging
Mixing compost
Double row positiong
Spacing whips
Spreading the roots
Firm the soil and water

We remove half of the height of the plants after planting. This reduces wind rock and allows the roots to establish quicker. It also encourages bushy growth from near the base of the plant more quickly. Newly planted hedges are vulnerable to damage by wind, drought and severe weather for the first 2-3 years. Keep moist, and mulch to prevent weeds.

Never plant climbers into a new hedge. Allow the hedge to establish first, otherwise the vigorous growth of the climbers can overcome the young shrubs. Once the hedge is old enough, climbing rose, dog rose, and honeysuckle can be planted.


Wood Chippings

If your flower bed needs a facelift, consider adding wood chips. Wood chips come in various colours and sizes, from mini-chips to large nuggets. Materials include pine, cedar, cocoa, cypress and many others.



Tree Surgery


Crown Lift

Crown Narrowing

Crown Reduction

Crown Thinning

Hedge Reduction

Limb Removal


Sectional Dismantling

Spread Reduction

Stump Grinding

Tree Felling

Tree Removal







Border Maintenance

Contract Maintenance

Grass Cutting

Hedge Pruning

Litter Removal

Site Clearance

Weed Control


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